Software Asset Management with AppClarity is the fastest way to reduce your software licensing

Most companies waste millions due to lack of visibility of their software estate. Whether preparing for an audit or supporting business change, accurate visibility of your software estate takes the guesswork out of Software Asset Management. AppClarity eliminates waste, maximizes efficiency and saves your company millions.

Software Asset Management with AppClarity allows you to achieve



The fastest way to achieve a true view of software installed and active across the enterprise – providing you with accurate and straightforward usage reports on a product-by-product basis, delivering clarity into software utilization and facilitating inventory management.

Automated license harvesting

Enabling proactive software management to reduce waste and unnecessary spend by removing unused and rarely-used applications, and by ensuring that software is only deployed where it is needed. AppClarity puts you in control, eliminating business disruption and minimizing unbudgeted cost.

Proactively optimise software usage

Empower your enterprise in license negotiations and audits by providing clear and accurate software usage data, with accurate reports delivering detailed usage data that enable stakeholders to highlight licensing optimization and cost savings across the enterprise.

Remove the guesswork out of SAM

AppClarity accurately captures and reports application usage across the enterprise, reducing cost, complexity and risk by removing the guesswork around software asset management. Our software puts data to work: automating the reclaim process to minimize application sprawl, saving enterprises millions.

AppClarity transforms a traditional software asset management approach providing inventory, entitlements and usage across the entire estate without metering rules

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