Self Service Portal for your Enterprise

Shopping is the app store for the enterprise that combines the on-demand user experience of consumer devices with the control, integration and automation needs of corporate IT.  You can even use it to automate the scheduling of your Windows 10 Migrations

Key features of your Enterprise App Store


Shopping’s intuitive GUI ensures that users are only ever a click away from the software and IT services they need, and comes with clear back-end controls and smooth workflow integration.


The platform is quick to deploy, while its unique request-approval-delivery workflow delivers IT software and solutions to users in minutes.


Shopping empowers managers to approve requests within their business, letting IT deliver services to the exact point of need, enabling better vendor management and providing a comprehensive reporting suite.

Key features

  • Self service portal
  • Integration with service desk solutions
  • Flexible workflow approval out of the box
  • Customisation and localisation
  • License management
  • Software rental
  • Branch administration
  • Operating system scheduling and deployment
  • Touch device support

Transform software deployment for your enterprise. Set your IT department free to focus on value-add projects. Set your business free to focus on opportunity.


While your organization benefits from timely delivery of the most up-to-date software, Shopping also frees up IT resources and dramatically reduces the cost of supporting IT service requests.


With seat numbers ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands, Shopping can scale up and down to respond to the changing needs of the business, and can meet the demands of the largest enterprise

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